Found! But then sold out…

I have realised that my beloved cowboy boots are on their way out. The (faux) leather is peeling (so lovely) at the toes and are starting to let heavy rain in when once they were the perfect summer boot for showers.

So I thought perhaps a new pair for my up-coming birthday. Great. I never have many things I really want so a new shiny pair of boots for the summer would be just the ticket.

Until I found them. Continue reading

Email temptations

I love a bargain. So much so that I am quite willing to sign up for mail shots from sites that I regularly shop from like Oasis, ASOS and House of Fraser. The problem with this is the constant offers that pour into my mailbox each day. I see the sneaky subject lines trying to tempt me to open the email.


Flash Sale from Dorothy Perkins

20% off all shoes!

Flash sale!

Amazing, only going to happen once, blink and you will miss it, make sure you shop today or you’ll hate yourself for not buying something at this crazy price.

Ok, that last one was made up, but that is how they make me feel, like I might actually regret not spending my cash on Continue reading

Spending splurge

Who doesn't like shopping?For the past month I really haven’t been very well with my asthma confining me to the house and only my laptop and bf for company. Now that I am ready for the commute back to work (which also means I can start going out with friends and be sociable again) I have looked back at the last few weeks and realised that I might have gone a bit crazy spending wise. Normally just a little bit of window shopping in my lunch hour satisfies any spending need I feel.

With that ability taken away from me I turned to the virtual shops and Continue reading

Whatever the weather may be…

So currently the British weather cannot decide if it’s still winter or actually spring. Bringing us days filled with bright sunshine yet still frosty cold. My short 15 minute walk to the station fills me dread each morning as I try to decipher what to wear that will keep me warm in my generally cold office yet comfortable and not hot whilst I’m walking. I also have to decide whether to carry a brolly if it rains, boots or shoes , opaque tights…the list goes on. Continue reading

5 Coats for Autumn/Winter

The weather is slowly becoming cooler. Recently my morning walk to work forced me to dig out my autumn scarf and my winter coat as I’ve found it much easier to wear it over a top or tee than to wrap up in a cardigan or jumper and then sweat to death…

But alas my coat is becoming a little worn and no longer feels as smart as it once did so the hunt, that was totally unsuccessful last year, begins again. I’ve picked out a few possible contenders Continue reading

Shopping weapons of choice

I am a confirmed online shopper. I don’t seem to have the time (or the energy) these days to do the Saturday shopping trip. As a teenager my whole week revolved around the trip to the shops. It didn’t matter that it took over an hour on the bus to get to Lakeside (it was brand new and shiny back then) as it was spent catching up with friends who I hadn’t seen since Friday afternoon at school. It all seemed worth it, the getting up early, planning which shops you just HAD to visit and where you planned on having lunch.

Lakeside shopping centre

What the hell is this btw? A man trapped in a Prisoner style bubble?

Now I’m just content with Continue reading