This is me - Kats Whispers

  • 30 ish
  • Likes most food
  • Loves cats
  • and geese
  • Wishes there could be a way of storing hundreds of shoes and boots without taking up so much room
  • Has far too many nail colours and lipsticks
  • Favourite films are Secret of Nihm, The Hunt for Red October, Die Hard 2 (get over it) and Animalympics
  • LOVES Twin Peaks
  • Hates olives
  • …and celery
  • You can find me dancing, drinking, eating, dreaming or thinking up crazy stories with my friends

I am a London based blogger and like to write about fashion, food and films whilst peppering my blog with posts about my life or just generally the thoughts and ideas that fall out of my mind. I am known for shunning alcohol in favour of chocolate milk and preferring wet food over dry…

At some point in my life I do plan to finish the poems tucked away in my wardrobe and the script that needs sewing together. I am quite obsessed with fancy dress (as you will see from the posts I write) and would love a tailors dummy to create my pieces on.

I’m a firm believer that women should be proud of who they are and not to shy away from tough decisions or taking chances. Which is why after years of procrastinating I am finally writing my book, taking up painting again, and generally saying si to life and the opportunities that come my way as well as creating my own.

If you want to get in touch drop me an email to katswhispersblog@gmail.com.



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