Hi top trainers: 1 pair is not enough

I finally got a pair of hi top wedge trainers just after Christmas, my heavy hints failed to turn into a Christmas present so I bought them myself for half price (before they sold out).

I have started with a subtle pair. All black with a slight wedge to give me a little extra height as well as making them good for casual days out, the office and, depending on the outfit, nights out.

Black hi-top wedge trainers from Dorothy Perkins


And at £25 I feel they are the perfect entry-level hi top. A kind of gateway trainer to a whole collection, nay family of ultra comfy hi tops.

Yes, I now have a massive weakness. Continue reading

Sale items for now…and next season

It is all too easy to fall into the trap of buying clothes that are really only suited to one time of the year, i.e.  Christmas and the party season. Shops are packed full of discounted sparkly jumpers and dresses that although beautiful are not much good if they end up languishing at the back of the wardrobe for most of the year, constantly vying for your attention with their festive glitter but looking so out-of-place in Spring and even Autumn.

I’m trying to keep a sensible hat on this year. Stick to buying items that I need in my wardrobe or as my friend Jess suggests in her sale pick post, replacing items that are now worn out. By choosing items that can be layered for cold weather or teamed with different accessories to suit the time of year I’ll end up wearing them more and really getting my money’s worth.

Mango Striped Jumper

Mango – was £34.99 now £24.99

This striped jumper from Mango can be worn with a denim shirt or vest to keep warm in the winter or added to shorts in the summer for a nautical Continue reading

Atten-shun! The best military coats

Currently sat at the very top of my wish list is the glamorous  Karen Millen military coat. Complete with epaulettes, leather detailing and feminine tailoring, the coat is what I have been dreaming about for the last few years. I have several sale alerts set up in case it falls in price *crosses fingers*.

Karen Millen Miltary Coat

The one thing I look for in a good military style coat is the details. So many coats look fairly good from the front but when wearing the cut of the coat and lack of details at the back sometimes turn a good-looking coat into an unflattering sack of cloth. Continue reading

The bane of knicker shorts

Knicker shorts. In much the same way that I feel about navy blue knickers and sports at school I cannot understand how this catwalk fashion has actually made it to high street fashion stores.

Navy Blue Knickers

Being made to wear navy blue knickers and a white polo shirt for playing sports at school was the main reason I hated exercise when I was younger. They made us feel self-conscious as if we had walked out of the changing room wearing our actual knickers. Thankfully after a lot of complaining to our PE teachers we were at last allowed to wear Continue reading

Go get ’em cowboy

Go get 'em cowboy

River island
£32 – riverisland.com

Mango oversized ring
£5.00 – asos.com

ASOS western leather belt
£5.00 – asos.com

LAQA Co nail polish
£11.00 karmaloop.com

Searching for a new handbag for work

Currently I have a light yellow, leather across body handbag that I bought a few years ago now. I get to work via buses and trains so it has seen its fair amount of dirt and being yellow it is no longer a pretty bag but has instead become something I am ashamed to be seen with. I have tried all kinds of cleaning products but due to the design it’s hopeless. Let me show you how bad it has become (and bear in mind that I actually cleaned it about a month ago):

My battered leather handbag

It is supposed to be much lighter in colour (like the part of the strap nearest the bag) without the dark looking areas. So now I am trawling sites on the hunt for a replacement. Continue reading

New Season Brights – Colour Pop!

Colour Pop

Since I’m on clear out mode regarding my wardrobe I can’t go out and buy any more clothes but I wanted to inject some missing colour into my outfits. Also I’m trying hard to save each month so accessories are the best way to keep my look up to date but without splashing out lots of cash. Continue reading