Finding a hair stylist and my haircut at Headmasters

Finding a new hairdressers is a tricky business. For most women our hair is a very sensitive matter; it can shape our days and when it finally sits in the right way and stops being static and fluffy, make us feel confident and downright sexy. So if we happen to get a haircut that doesn’t look the way we asked for it isn’t the end of the world, of course it will grow back, but it makes us dread going again.


Many years ago I had a horrific haircut. A friend a at a very well-known salon in Derby was about to put the finishing touches to my new bob by adding feathering to the front sections. Back then using a razor was popular and I sat in the chair with my hair combed forwards not knowing what was going to happen next. Instead of softening the ends she took my hair and said:

“You know, you’d look great with a micro fringe”

And two seconds later ta da! I had one. I was horrified. Not only had I not asked for it but it made my head look like a crazy oversized round thing that out had grown its hair. And worse still, in two weeks I was going to celebrate the Millennium and had a huge night out planned. The micro fringe was possibly the worst thing that had ever happened to my hair. Even worse than when I managed to tangle a huge clump of it in a round brush (that had to be cut from my hair). Needless to say we fell out and I never spoke to her again.

After that going to the hairdressers was a frightening experience. It took about a year to grow out the fringe and I have never had a bob again since.

I found a new hairdresser who gained my confidence and I happily Continue reading

Hairdresser Trust Issues

I love getting my hair cut and styled. From the relaxing head massage to the blow dry I can never recreate at home, it’s all good. I sometimes find the need to chat a bit uncomfortable at times as I generally like to slip into a small coma and enjoy the pampering but I can cope which that. The problem I have is trust. 

My hairdressing history is full of mistakes and woeful decisions. Continue reading