Just a hint, of a tint

After a long hiatus from my blog I’m back. Last year was an exciting time for me. Lots happened, good and bad (some fantastic) and my life changed in so many ways. Needless to say I’m viewing the way I live my life differently.

Facing my fears and saying yes are a big part of this change. As a child I had no fear of flying but after a large gap when I hardly travelled it grew and grew but no longer. This year I am taking my first long haul flight and a well deserved holiday.

This led me to thinking about my lashes, which are naturally very fair, something which I hate when going to the beach. So I am having them tinted to save me from panda eyes.

After having a patch test where my wrist was dyed with a rather fetching circle (hurrah no reaction!) I booked in with a local beauty parlour in Richmond, Beauchamp Beauty.

So here is a before look at my lashes…

Before Lash Tinting Open Eye


I wasn’t told whether I should wear mascara on the day or not so I opted not to. I never normally venture outside without it so I felt quite spooked until my work colleagues told me that I looked no different (off to buy a new, better mascara then!).

At the salon I was introduced to my beautician, Stephanie who showed me into a room with a really comfy bed complete with blanket (it has been quite cold recently). All snuggled up under the blanket she took me through the process and how long it would last before starting.

Barrier cream was applied to my lids to prevent the tint staining my skin and then a cleverly shaped pad was placed under my bottom lids before I closed my eyes. The application was okay, it felt quite relaxing and after the tint was applied (blue-black colour)  a further pad was placed on top to stop me from blinking.

A hand massage later and the pads were removed and the tint wiped away. It took about 20 minutes in total so perfect for a lunchtime visit.

I looked in the mirror at my newly darkened lashes and the tint has given me the appearance of wearing eye-liner as well as longer lashes. I wasn’t able to curl my lashes after my appointment so I waited till I got home to do so.

Eyelash Tint After

Eyelash Tint After

When I went out to buy some make-up at the weekend several people said that they thought I had naturally dark lashes. I have to say I’m loving not having to remove mascara every night.

The lash tint should last between 4 and 6 weeks with the use of a water based eye make-up remover so I have booked in for just before my holiday to make sure my eyes look their best for the beach.

I’ll update my post to let you know how well it lasts.

Have you been tempted to tint your lashes?


It’s now 5 weeks later and I’ve had my lashes tinted again. Only within the past 10 days have I noticed that they are looking like they needed a top up, mostly at the base of my lashes with the false eye-liner effect wearing off. But I have been really impressed. My lashes look great with only curling required and I’ve found that my eyes have been less sensitive, normally I itch my eyes a lot so I’m putting this down to the lack of mascara irritating my eyes.

Next month I am trying out a brow tint too (as they have a special offer on) so I’ll be posting about that at the end of March.

Seeing Clearly

My youth was carefree and fun. Until I hit the age of seven. This being the age that my school deemed it necessary for all children to go and have their sight checked. Off we all went to our local hospital (now a bunch of swanky flats).

Twenty four went in.

Two were left sat in the corridor outside the room with respective parents whilst the optician (or very tall man in white coat as he was known to us) went to organise a prescription.

Ralph Lauren 90s frames

My earth shattered. I, along with one of my classmates had been caught out. Continue reading