Blouses and why I can never leave TK Maxx without at least one…

When I have an afternoon off for running errands I invariably end up having a little look in TK Maxx. And more times than not I walk out with at least one blouse. And this week was no different. Three blouses. Each was under £20.

Blue blouse from TKMaxx Continue reading

Envy and other women

Walking through the train station this morning I am faced with walking behind a woman who is immaculately turned out from top to toe. Her boots are the ones I would love to own, they scream sophistication and elegance. Her black jeans fit perfectly and have no creases. Her long funnel neck black wool coat tops off the look giving her a slick polished look. Feminine but smart.

The Devil Wears Prada

If someone were to edit her into the scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Anne Hathaway walks across the road in her variety of newly made-over outfits this woman would not look out-of-place. Do it with me most mornings and I’m sure people would stare and think “who the heck is the bag lady?” Continue reading

Work wear in the summer

Relaxing and enjoying the hot weather

As my other half is always saying to me:

“Women have it so easy in the summer, you can wear tiny dresses, skirts and little tops to work whilst I still have to wear trousers and shirts”.

I suggested he wear shorts but that got a “humph” look.

Personally I don’t think it is that easy to dress for work when the weather is scorching hot like it has been the last week. Not only is it a bit chilly in the morning on your way to work:

“Should I take a cardigan or jacket?” I think as I plunge my hand out of the window before getting dressed.

It is also not always warm in your office, especially if you share it Continue reading