Work wear in the summer

Relaxing and enjoying the hot weather

As my other half is always saying to me:

“Women have it so easy in the summer, you can wear tiny dresses, skirts and little tops to work whilst I still have to wear trousers and shirts”.

I suggested he wear shorts but that got a “humph” look.

Personally I don’t think it is that easy to dress for work when the weather is scorching hot like it has been the last week. Not only is it a bit chilly in the morning on your way to work:

“Should I take a cardigan or jacket?” I think as I plunge my hand out of the window before getting dressed.

It is also not always warm in your office, especially if you share it with men who appear to love Arctic conditions with the air con on full blast, rendering my fingers immobile and unable to type properly.

So what do you do? My first option is always have a cardigan at work. Buy one, bring one in from home, whatever, but just make sure it stays at work for days when you really need to cover up and have pink fingers not blue.

I also really like the idea of maxi skirts and dresses for work. The long flowing fabric keeps you cool and also protects your legs from not only the sun but also those who might think you should have fake tanned before unleashing such pale skin on the unsuspecting public. In the office it also keeps you a little warmer than a mini skirt or tiny dress. I recently bought a black maxi skirt for a bargain price (£8) in a sale but over the last few days I’ve spotted lots more as they flow across the green in Richmond making me long for some more…

Metallic mini pleated maxi skirt from Esprit

Esprit £45

Rare lemon pleated maxi skirt

Rare £45

I love this skirt…such a pretty colour. So I went and bought it 😉 Rare have free delivery this weekend and also I picked up a discount code to use RARE20 which gets you 20% off your order (ends 31st of May). Neat.

Zara long skirt with pockets shrimp

Zara £39.99

Zara long pleated skirt makeup

Zara £59.99

 ASOS maxi skirt with broderie inserts cream

ASOS £45

What do you wear at the office in heat like this? Are you forced to continue wearing a skirt suit or is it anything goes?

What do you think?

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