Bringing Balearic To East London

Solillas Boxpark

Throw out your espadrilles, fling those Birkenstocks into the bag of discarded and unloved sandals that you keep at the back of your wardrobe (admit it, we all have an overflow bag of shoes). Solillas has arrived in London armed with huge amounts of Balearic charm and beauty. Continue reading

Found! But then sold out…

I have realised that my beloved cowboy boots are on their way out. The (faux) leather is peeling (so lovely) at the toes and are starting to let heavy rain in when once they were the perfect summer boot for showers.

So I thought perhaps a new pair for my up-coming birthday. Great. I never have many things I really want so a new shiny pair of boots for the summer would be just the ticket.

Until I found them. Continue reading

Pick of the sale items

In an attempt to stop the temptation of shopping I am merely going to  show some of the sale items currently on offer that have caught my eye recently. Repeat after me… I will not buy everything….I will not buy everything…I will not…oh maybe just the one then 😉

Soludos Espadrilles in Navy Continue reading

Hi top trainers: 1 pair is not enough

I finally got a pair of hi top wedge trainers just after Christmas, my heavy hints failed to turn into a Christmas present so I bought them myself for half price (before they sold out).

I have started with a subtle pair. All black with a slight wedge to give me a little extra height as well as making them good for casual days out, the office and, depending on the outfit, nights out.

Black hi-top wedge trainers from Dorothy Perkins


And at £25 I feel they are the perfect entry-level hi top. A kind of gateway trainer to a whole collection, nay family of ultra comfy hi tops.

Yes, I now have a massive weakness. Continue reading

Smaller heeled shoes? Yes please!

When I saw Elle magazine tweet this earlier today I could not wait to get home and read the article.

Elle Tweet


What I wouldn’t give for a return to more manageable heel heights. However much I love the look of a skyscraper shoe I just can’t face putting my feet through the pain any more. Continue reading

Off to meet friends – outfit post

Normally over a Bank Holiday weekend I end up lazing around, perhaps sorting out some clothes in my wardrobe, but generally relaxing.

This long weekend I’ve been much more active. Packing in a trip to the cinema (The Avengers), a Jubilee party at my bf’s grandparents and today we’re having lunch with a friend who we haven’t seen for months.

I’ve also been trying to remember to post some outfits up on Instagram as part of my pledge to dress well everyday and stop being such a ex student slob.

Today is no exception.

Outfit for meeting friends



Jeans – Levi £85, top – Phase Eight
gift, shoes – La Redoute £10

As the weather is topsy turvy at the moment I’ll also be adding a light weight jacket plus umbrella and maybe my leopard print scarf.

What have you been up to this weekend?