Found! But then sold out…

I have realised that my beloved cowboy boots are on their way out. The (faux) leather is peeling (so lovely) at the toes and are starting to let heavy rain in when once they were the perfect summer boot for showers.

So I thought perhaps a new pair for my up-coming birthday. Great. I never have many things I really want so a new shiny pair of boots for the summer would be just the ticket.

Until I found them.

PIED A TERRE Oddy Studded Cowboy Boots

Perfect in every way. A subtle colour. Not too dark and definitely not a really glastly tan colour or cheap looking. I could see the amount of wear I would get out of them. The long summer days wearing a slip of a dress and my feet comfortable and stylish. The walks we would have. The care I would take looking after them. And then as soon as I had found them my dreams were crushed.

Size 3.

That was all that was left. A paltry size 3. SIZE 3! I searched other sites hoping that they had more stock in a 7 but alas it appears that is was not to be.

And so I am left comparing every other pair of cowboy boots I find to them, nothing quite compares to them.

Please, share in your missed purchases and tell me how to mend my heart.

What do you think?

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