Twin Peaks makeup

Now that summer is well and truly just a distant memory for us (sigh) we can indulge in dark lips, pale skin and smokey eyes with the reinvented 90’s Gothic look that has been featured in Emerald Street with “sophisticated” berry lipsticks and on the runway of Gucci, recreated on The Telegraph by Ruth Crilly in a great video tutorial.

Gucci Gothic Look Autumn Winter 2012

I found an interview with the makeup artist who, at the time, was working on Twin Peaks and she gave some great tips on Continue reading

Twin Peak Halloween costume ideas – Agent Cooper

Gentlemen. I know that I normally only write posts about fancy dress ideas for women but it struck me that Twin Peaks has plenty of great male characters that would make the perfect Halloween costume.

So I’ve put together some ideas to help you create your own Special Agent Dale Cooper look. All together now…”How’s Annie?”

Special Agent Dale Cooper Continue reading

Twin Peaks Inspired Looks

As I mentioned in my post about Audrey Horne, I love Twin Peaks. Every time I lay eyes on my box set of the series I have the urge to watch it all over again.The Twin Peaks Bird

Whether you love Audrey Horne’s brogues and sweaters or the check shirts and oversized knitwear of Donna Hayward, I’ve been nosing around finding what I think would be perfect to recreate the Twin Peaks look this winter. Continue reading

Autumn Winter Fashion Icon – Audrey Horne

Responsible for prompting me to pencil in a small beauty spot just next to my left eye as a teenager, Audrey Horne waltzed into my lounge in 1990, mesmerised me and became my winter style icon as I grew up.Sherilyn Fenn 1950's starlet hair

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