Want to dress like Audrey Horne? (I do)

Since I posted about Audrey Horne being my style icon I’ve seen quite a lot of interest from people regarding the blouse that features a cute tree print.

Audrey Horne's Tree Blouse

The top is more like a twin-set cardigan in a sweat top material but since the show was made nearly 25 years ago (take note David Lynch, surely it’s time for Cooper to leave the Black lodge…) there isn’t much chance of finding a good look-a-like top.

So I set about trying to find something similar for all you die-hard Peaks aficionados.

Great Plains Cardigan

Great Plains – £61

Cherry Red Print Cardigan from Hobbs

Hobbs – £45

Great Plains Willow Cardigan

Great Plains – £61

Sadly this is all I could find that even came close to the original. Here’s hoping that some clever sort on Etsy will spot the market for Twin Peaks inspired clothing and start a range…

In the meanwhile I happened across these nifty looking brogues.

Saddle shoes from ASOS

ASOS – £17.50

I recently read Make Your Own Red Saddle Shoes over on A Beautiful Mess and am now on the lookout for a cheap pair of plain white shoes to try my hand at customising. I love the pair she managed to find as they have a lovely heart shape to the brogue.

Please share your Twin Peaks finds, perhaps one day our wants will be fulfilled.

What do you think?

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