Sunglassses, how I covet thee

On my way home from Australia I spent a good 7 hours in Singapore Airport. I had run out of money and had $2 Singapore dollars to my name (which I spent on a Dunkin Donut…only $1.70). I tried to sleep in the quiet napping area but was repeatedly woken by cleaners banging their metal dust pans next to my lounger. In the end I walked and walked and then nosed in the expensive boutique shops. Places like Burberry, Bvlgari and Hermes. Feeling slightly like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman I hastily left these shops knowing that I wasn’t looking my best after a 8 hour flight with no sleep and no make-up on. Plus I had my j-neck cushion bouncing off my hand luggage which made me feel like I was a refugee from a festival.

I walked over the The Sunglass Hut. I have a thing for sunglasses, forever on the hunt for the perfect pair and what I saw in the shop made me reach for my maxed out credit card before checking myself and putting my hands away from the plastic.

These were my favourites:

Ziegfeld Collection at Tiffany & Co, Aviator Sunglasses

Tiffany Ziegfeld Aviator Sunglasses

Tiffany & Co Locks Cat Eye Sunglasses

Tiffany Lock Cat Eye Sunglasses

Miu Miu MU 50OS Sunglasses


The Miu Miu sunglasses looked so good on it was hard to have to tell the sales assistant that I was only “browsing”. Her smile was so sad that I heeled it out of there fast to prevent any further pitying looks. As much as I loved how they looked I just could not justify spending that amount when I know I will do the stupid thing of leaving them out of their case, hanging around in my handbag where, I don’t know, a rouge nail file could come into contact and create a lovely hazy effect on the lenses (I’m so so sorry my Michael Kors sunnies I didn’t see the threat until too late).

So until I know I can be trusted to treat them with the care they deserve I must only admire them from afar and on this page.

What do you think?

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