What does your fridge say about you?

I love food. Reading about food, cooking it or thinking about what I will order in a restaurant. Each weekly shop is not simply necessity for me, it is a chance to order new cuts of meat or discover a new type of cuisine (Vietnamese for example) as I order mint, bean sprouts and coriander. This constant need for new flavours and different meals has led my fridge to develop its own shelf of condiments. Actually they have spread over onto one of the door shelves. My other half keeps asking me to cut down on the amount we own, pointing out the amount of different chilli sauces.

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A cake a day…keeps me happy

Cakes. I love eating them, reading about how to make them, gazing at them in supermarkets and fancy shops and even better, baking them myself. There is something quite wonderful about the whole process. Firstly deciding which to make from the multitude available then double checking I have the correct amount of ingredients before embarking on the chemistry of beating, folding and finally baking.

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Challenge: Cooking only from the store cupboard

So there I was, sitting at my desk when an email from Money Saving Expert popped into my inbox. I like to a have a nose mainly due to work (to see if anything exciting has happened in the world of finance) but also for bargains, discounts and freebies.

Today I spied a great idea that I am going to give a go this week.

The Store Cupboard Challenge.

Wish I had a larder like this

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