Work wear in the summer

Relaxing and enjoying the hot weather

As my other half is always saying to me:

“Women have it so easy in the summer, you can wear tiny dresses, skirts and little tops to work whilst I still have to wear trousers and shirts”.

I suggested he wear shorts but that got a “humph” look.

Personally I don’t think it is that easy to dress for work when the weather is scorching hot like it has been the last week. Not only is it a bit chilly in the morning on your way to work:

“Should I take a cardigan or jacket?” I think as I plunge my hand out of the window before getting dressed.

It is also not always warm in your office, especially if you share it Continue reading

Silent Witness style wish list

I’m a total Silent Witness fan and I enjoy it on two levels. One is the show itself, the other is to see what they have dressed Nikki Alexander in this week. Mostly floaty blouses teamed with skinny jeans or trousers with great hairstyles (love the French style tuck that she wore last week).

Silent Witness Continue reading

Whatever the weather may be…

So currently the British weather cannot decide if it’s still winter or actually spring. Bringing us days filled with bright sunshine yet still frosty cold. My short 15 minute walk to the station fills me dread each morning as I try to decipher what to wear that will keep me warm in my generally cold office yet comfortable and not hot whilst I’m walking. I also have to decide whether to carry a brolly if it rains, boots or shoes , opaque tights…the list goes on. Continue reading

Wedding Guest Dress Dilemma

I’m on the prowl for a dress to wear to a summer wedding. Luckily this time there is no bride to show up so it can be full steam ahead on an outfit without worrying about clashing with bridesmaids or, heaven forbid, the bride herself.

Wedding Guests

Previous weddings have seen me wearing some kind of floral number, not ditsy but bold. Continue reading

Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away…

If, like me, you love the sun and feel all happy and smiley when it pokes it’s head from out of the clouds then you will have been pretty chuffed as we’ve had a couple of sunshine filled days. Spring blossomOK, it’s still not time to chuck the winter coats to the back of the wardrobe and please, don’t start wearing your flip flops yet. Continue reading