Whatever the weather may be…

So currently the British weather cannot decide if it’s still winter or actually spring. Bringing us days filled with bright sunshine yet still frosty cold. My short 15 minute walk to the station fills me dread each morning as I try to decipher what to wear that will keep me warm in my generally cold office yet comfortable and not hot whilst I’m walking. I also have to decide whether to carry a brolly if it rains, boots or shoes , opaque tights…the list goes on.

Rainy Day in London

I’d love to be able to ditch my boring old winter coat and start wearing my bright red Mac or denim jacket. I’d like to not have to spend time each morning hunting out matching socks from the drawer (then deciding it’s much easier to simply take a pair from my boyfriend instead). In fact I’d be thrilled to be able to wear all the cute sandals I have amassed over the years. Instead I am stuck in cardigan hell. The days when I am brave enough to go out without my trusty scarf are the ones which turn out to be colder and much more deceptive than they first appear to be.

So it always makes me laugh when the shop decide to start parading models wearing dresses with no tights, no jumpers and photograph them in sunshine looking every bit as if every day in Britain is bathed in Mediterranean warmth.

Summer dress at H&M

We then aspire to dress like this and try to ignore the reality that most days are pretty drab and cool. I’m not suggesting that we only dress in warm clothes but it would be nice to have our seasons actually acknowledged by the stores and not take away all our clothing choices at the first signs of sunshine. We probably on average spend a good six to seven months of the year in a winter coat, a few more in a light jacket and one or two at the most with possibly only a jaunty scarf or thin cardy “just in case”. But soon as we will be able to buy will be sun dresses, blouses and tops.

I hope that we will have a warm spring and a glorious summer so that we can all wear our colourful clothes and sandals without having to cover it all up with coats and boots. I’m still not confident enough to go out wearing thin tights without my leg warmers (such a godsend) but am trying to leave my winter boots in the wardrobe.

How are you coping with the topsy-turvy weather? Are you ready to pack your winter coat yet?

What do you think?

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