Wedding Guest Dress Dilemma

I’m on the prowl for a dress to wear to a summer wedding. Luckily this time there is no bride to show up so it can be full steam ahead on an outfit without worrying about clashing with bridesmaids or, heaven forbid, the bride herself.

Wedding Guests

Previous weddings have seen me wearing some kind of floral number, not ditsy but bold. Last couple featured black quite heavily, one  a maxi dress from Monsoon had a huge red flower print and was worn with shoes that I only put on as I entered the registry office as walking briskly from Richmond station just couldn’t be done without me making a scene (I was tempted to say Sheen but decided against…).

The previously wedding guest outfit was a red and black silk affair complete with red suede sandals that were almost destroyed  by the Welsh weather but saved by a very lovely gentleman who gave me a piggyback over a very muddy puddle.

This wedding I am thinking back to a dress that was so summer wedding perfect that I wore it to not one but three separate weddings. It was a sky blue maxi dress with  large flowers printed and was cut on the bias creating a lovely flow. I’ve seen a couple of dresses so for that I think would be great for the wedding.

Green 50s Style Dress This dress from ASOS is lovely and has a great vintage feel but poses a shoes problem being that I would need to buy new ones…

Black Prom Style Dress

Again from ASOS, this dress is easily accompanied and I have shoes that will match already but I’m trying to steer clear of black…

Lovely 50s Style Dress

However my favourite so far has to be this red circle dress from Vivien of Holloway.

Knowing me I’ll change my mind nearer the time and it will be something completely different. Thoughts?

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