Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away…

If, like me, you love the sun and feel all happy and smiley when it pokes it’s head from out of the clouds then you will have been pretty chuffed as we’ve had a couple of sunshine filled days. Spring blossomOK, it’s still not time to chuck the winter coats to the back of the wardrobe and please, don’t start wearing your flip flops yet. No-one wants to see blue toes on display. But it gives us hope that soon we shall be able to start wearing less layers and our pretty sandals yet again.

Winter is a fashion nightmare. You spend the morning deciding what to wear and have to think about whether it will rain (or snow), whether the pavements will be icy (bang goes those high heeled numbers) and if you’ll freeze your arse off outside only to get melted in your office. Bid adieu to the blacks, greys and browns that have dominated your winter wardrobe and welcome a happy spectrum of bubblegum colours, hot pinks, sunshine yellows and the brightest sky blues.

Yes spring is on it’s way. And soon the only fashion dilemma will be cute cardigan or sharp jacket.

What do you think?

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