Twin Peaks Inspired Looks

As I mentioned in my post about Audrey Horne, I love Twin Peaks. Every time I lay eyes on my box set of the series I have the urge to watch it all over again.The Twin Peaks Bird

Whether you love Audrey Horne’s brogues and sweaters or the check shirts and oversized knitwear of Donna Hayward, I’ve been nosing around finding what I think would be perfect to recreate the Twin Peaks look this winter.

Donna Hayward:

Donna Hayward Orange Sweater

Classic Black Pencil Skirt and Court Shoes

Orange Cable Knit Sweater Dorothy Perkins

How similar is this jumper?  Cable knit jumper Dorothy Perkins £22.40 buy it one size larger than your normal fit for that authentic 90’s oversized look. I also like this one from Oasis.  Team the sweater with a classic black pencil skirt and plain black court shoes for the  all over Donna look.

I find it crazy how all of a sudden the shops seem to be teeming with clothes that have seemingly transported through time from the early 90’s to now. It’s like the fashion designers are having a Twin Peaks revival without even knowing…

Donna Hayward Waistcoat and Shirt

Brown Waistcoat from Esprit Checked Flannel Shirt from Uniqlo

I actually used to own a waistcoat just like the one pictured here. I bought it from River Island and it had a cream satin back. Whether it still lurks in some box at my folks is another matter (note to self to check at Christmas). The waistcoat is from Esprit and the flannel shirt, Uniqlo (grunge is definitely making a comeback in fashion…)

Audrey Horne:

Audrey Horne Checked Skirt

Heritage Skirt from ASOS Fitted Sweater from Hobbs

This checked skirt is from ASOS and the fitted sweater is from Hobbs. Unfortunately most of the jumpers I found were square shaped making them not that flattering to wear with a skirt, this one is Hobbs is perfect, shame they don’t do it in any other colours. You can also wear the same black pencil skirt from the Donna look, team with a fitted sweater and stick on some red court shoes and hey presto, another Audrey look.

Shelly Johnson:

Unfortunately there are not many great images of some of the different outfits for Shelly. Most feature her RR Diner uniform.  So I just had to get my DVD’s out (I know, what a pain eh). I really like the way this outfit looks once she takes her tweed jacket off and messes the whole thing up.

Shelly Johnson Blouse and Skirt Combo

Lace Blouse from Boohoo

The skirt is from ASOS and the blouse is from Boohoo. Team the outfit with a wide patent belt to synch your waist in.

Maddy Ferguson:

Maddy Ferguson's Cream Coat

Pink Cashmire Scarf from Uniqlo

Coat is Calvin Klein from Nordstrom and the scarf is from Uniqlo. Not many looks really for Maddy, her pretty vile jackets when she arrives are shoulder pad fantastic and this is pretty much the only outfit I like.

I thought about adding Annie, but to be honest, her outfits need to stay in the 90’s, well, unless you fancy being Annie for Halloween.

Annie Blackburn in the Black Lodge

Sadly now this has prompted me to address the utter failings of my current wardrobe. One day I really must start to invest in items that work together. Now where was the remote control…

One thought on “Twin Peaks Inspired Looks

  1. I agree this last fall/winter season has been a huge throwback to TP era style clothing, for boys too! I have been secretly rejoicing all December and January that I got to live out this dream as I was 7 when TP was on and didn’t have much say what to wear back then 🙂

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