Autumn Winter Fashion Icon – Audrey Horne

Responsible for prompting me to pencil in a small beauty spot just next to my left eye as a teenager, Audrey Horne waltzed into my lounge in 1990, mesmerised me and became my winter style icon as I grew up.Sherilyn Fenn 1950's starlet hair

Twin Peaks remains to be my favourite television show and I still love the fashion. Forever remembered for odd characters and tight sweaters, the styles seen back in 1990’s Washington State have gradually been making a comeback with the brogue shoe at the forefront.

Audrey Horne’s black and white brogues. How as a 12 year old girl I wanted them. I stalked fashion magazines and stores for similar pairs and almost achieved ownership when I set my eyes upon a strikingly pair in London. Alas for me they were much more than I could afford on my pocket money so I waved goodbye to them forever.

Audrey Horne Brogues

The combination of the brogues with cute sweaters, pencil skirts, feminine blouses, pale but classic make up plus 50’s inspired hair make Audrey my choice of fashion icon for winter.

Audrey Horne Lace SweaterAudrey Horne Tree BlouseAudrey Horne Houndstooth Coat

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