Under the moon

I know it’s a full moon tomorrow (the 12th). I know because:
1. I checked this morning online.
2. I could feel it.
Full Moon

Now I know some people are probably thinking “she’s a bit odd” but every month I get the same things happening to me. Not in a howling at the moon, hairy Michael J Fox way. I feel headachy, crabby and only want to eat what I fancy (and nothing else can satisfy me). Oh and my skin sucks. Every single month. I start to think perhaps I am coming down with some illness until I check. Yup full moon looming.

Plus in my experience I have acted quite odd in the past if I have been drinking when it’s a full moon. My emotions seem quite uncontrollable. One minute happy, the next all punchy (I’m generally a pretty well controlled drunk). And it’s not that I go out thinking “must be a full moon soon” thus conditioning myself to the feelings I have. I simply notice the signs then check.

Today I simply had to have sweet potato falafel, buffalo mozzarella, hummus and tomatoes. My skin is almost like a teenagers (boo) and I’m generally much easier to wind up than normal (according to some people).

Is it just me? Or does anyone else find they have similar patterns around a full moon. Thoughts on a postcard please…

What do you think?

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