Finding out how to make a birdcage veil

Rita Hayworth

As I mentioned in my last post I will be making a birdcage veil for a 1940’s look. I spent quite a lot of time looking for a good online haberdashery that sold not only items to make the veil but also quality shoulder pads as well.

In the end I chose to use MacCulloch & Wallis who have a great range of millinery  items including Continue reading

Vintage inspired look – the forties

Veronica Lake

So I am currently putting together a vintage inspired 1940’s look for Secret Cinema (shush…don’t tell anyone) and I have found finding the right dress a bit of a exhausting task. There are several great vintage shops online but most cater for Continue reading

Peter Pan Wishes he had Collars Like This…

Want to add an extra zing to your outfit but jewellery just doesn’t go. I’ve found that when a top or dress has a high neckline a necklace or choker just looks kinda funny. Peter Pan Collars are everywhere at the moment, from dresses and blouses to coats and cardigans.

I’ve taken a look and found some stand alone collars that can be worn with several outfits. Think of them as jewellery or temporary embellishment for your clothes.

Cute Beaded Collar from Miss Selfridge

Beaded collar from Miss Selfridge – £18 Continue reading

You know you’re getting old when…

Getting Older
1. You start to see actors and musicians you grew up with dying prompting a “oh what a shame” but their name gets blank looks amongst your work colleagues.

2. You actually by choice go into M&S and declare that “some of their stuff isn’t that bad” to your friends.

3. The decade you spent your childhood in is Continue reading

Best vintage inspired looks on the high street

I’ve found as I begin to understand what really suits me that I gravitate towards more fitted dresses. I don’t mean skin tight body con or bandage, although I do own one of each as the right cut can perform flattering miracles. No I’m talking about dresses that have gentle boning or shaped necklines. For me the sweetheart neckline is my favourite, it creates a flattering look and combined with a halterneck strap, balances out my hourglass/almost pear shaped frame.

50's dress pattern

Continue reading