Vintage inspired look – the forties

Veronica Lake

So I am currently putting together a vintage inspired 1940’s look for Secret Cinema (shush…don’t tell anyone) and I have found finding the right dress a bit of a exhausting task. There are several great vintage shops online but most cater for the rockabilly look or just have short sleeved wiggle or pencil skirt dresses. What I was after was a 3/4 length sleeved fitted dress with an almost pleated skirt (I know, quite specific but once I have an idea in my head that’s it!).

I discovered a couple of contenders but soon had to write them off. One was hugely overpriced and the other a little bit too simple (and still a bit expensive considering the price). Several others that looked great unfortunately came from the US.

This first one from Miss Candyfloss was a great style with lovely detailing but at 102 Euros was too steep for me. They have some really lovely vintage design dresses but none at a price I can afford.

Miss Candyfloss Ellenor-Ann Stretch Retro Dress

The only one I really dithered on for a bit was this slightly less expensive one from Heyday Vintage Style, called the Mary they sell it in a range of colours but for £60 again was too much. I really like the pleating on the bust area.

Mary Dress from Heyday

In the end I have decided to just go ahead with a simple black wrap dress which I will amend to give it a 40’s feel. To do this I have bought some shoulder pads to make the dress more structured and will add a black thin belt.

Black Wrap Dress Dorothy Perkins

I have also bought some black leather driving gloves and a fake fur tippet to add some extra glamour.

Black Driving GlovesAccessorize Faux Fur Tippet

Together with a pair of sheer tights with a seam down the back and my heeled black brogues I will be accessorising with a handmade fascinator. For this I have bought a metre of merry widow veiling. I’ll add it to either some feathers or a black flower which I have and create a birdcage veil.

Katy Perry Birdcage Veil

All topped off with pale make up and red lipstick I think all together it with create a suitable 1940’s vintage look.

Do you have a favourite era you’d like to re-create?

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