You know you’re getting old when…

Getting Older
1. You start to see actors and musicians you grew up with dying prompting a “oh what a shame” but their name gets blank looks amongst your work colleagues.

2. You actually by choice go into M&S and declare that “some of their stuff isn’t that bad” to your friends.

3. The decade you spent your childhood in is suddenly considered “vintage” (See BBC article).

4. Combined with 3. you also start seeing teenagers wearing clothes that you swore you’d never be seen dead in again and scramble through your wardrobe hoping you have kept them.

5. You make an “ahhhh” sound when you sit down.

6. Most evenings out you want to sit down and chat not dance and shout.

7. When you do dance you end up being chatted up by someone who you think looks like an under-age drinker leading you to use the dreaded “I’m old enough…”

8. The “end of the night” survival flat pumps start to make an appearance much earlier in the evening, sometimes after an hour…

9. You still spend ages getting ready but instead of choosing something purely for fashion and sex appeal sakes you end up also making sure your feet won’t hurt and you’ll be warm enough.

10. All the models on the anti-ageing adverts are much younger than you are.

What do you think?

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