My quick recipe for fake blood

Fake Blood

I know lots of people who are dashing around, last-minute, looking for fake blood that they can buy at the shops for their Halloween parties. Last year I spent some time looking around several sites looking for the perfect fake blood, one that had the right constancy and colour. Most that I found looked too bright and thin.

Smiffy's Fake Blood

I ended up looking for DIY versions and finally made my own up.

The recipe below is a rough guide. Continue reading

Twin Peak Halloween costume ideas – Agent Cooper

Gentlemen. I know that I normally only write posts about fancy dress ideas for women but it struck me that Twin Peaks has plenty of great male characters that would make the perfect Halloween costume.

So I’ve put together some ideas to help you create your own Special Agent Dale Cooper look. All together now…”How’s Annie?”

Special Agent Dale Cooper Continue reading

Outfit for Halloween 2012

It’s September and my thoughts turn to Halloween and the impending Winter (which is coming don’t you know…)

Ray Villafane Rotting Zombie Pumpkin

This year instead of Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic, which I will do one year either for Halloween or a Twin Peaks themed party, I have decided to go for the ready-made route of fancy dress. I was contacted by Jokers Masquerade who offered me to pick from a choice of Halloween costumes. It took me some time to make my decision as they have a lot of options and as you already know I’m not one to go for a slutty Halloween look so sexy witches and nurses were out.

It all came down to one simple wish I Continue reading

Get me an 80’s look stat!

For those of you who are off to Rewind festival on the 17th of August you may well be starting to decide what outrageous 80’s fancy dress to wear or putting the finishing touches to your splendid outfit.

Rewind Festival Henley on Thames 2011 Sarah Louise Bennett

Photo by Sarah Louise Bennett

In honour of the pastime that is dressing to impress at these events I thought I would put together a round-up of some of the best bloggers and vbloggers to help you get into the groove as well as some of my own fancy dress tips to make Rewind simply the bestContinue reading

My very first birdcage veil – finished!

So today I opened up my parcel from MacCulloch & Wallis and set about making my own birdcage veil.

Making my first ever birdcage veil

I had a metre long piece of merry widow netting, 9 inches wide. I needed to make two veils so I cut it in half. Now thinking about it I should have really checked out what other sites suggested for Continue reading