My Halloween Costume This Year

After much deliberating and browsing for ideas, my choice of Halloween costume came down to three choices:

1. Silent Hill Nurse
Silent Hill Nurse
2. Laura Palmer
Laura Palmer Wrapped in Plastic
3. Lisa Garland (also Silent Hill)
Lisa Garland Silent Hill

My absolute preferred choice would always be Laura Palmer, however making my way to this year’s venue (a pub in town) whilst wrapped in plastic just didn’t sound very practical plus most people (bar a few friends who also love Twin Peaks) would wonder what the hell I had gone as.

So it came down to two. Both from Silent Hill. The downright horrific nurses from the film adaptation of the game looked like a great choice, except I couldn’t face having to wear a plaster mask all night. So in the end I lumped for Lisa Garland. The nurse from the original game. She had been my first thought when I starting thinking about costumes (back in August). Plus she has a great little red cardigan and I’m loath to get cold…

So my hunt started. I searched high and low for a white shirt dress and soon realised that now that summer was over all the white dresses had pretty much vanished from the shops.

Then I found a great dress at, a snap at £10.

White Dress from Boohoo

A few weeks of scouring the charity shops for a red cardigan and suitable white material and I had the bare-bones of my costume. My cardigan cost £7.50 and only needs a button re-attaching and a child’s white shirt for £1.50 has supplied me with enough material to make a nurse’s hat.

Now all I need to do is ruin some tights and play around with my fake blood recipes.

I’ll post up my hat and tights once they are finished with some tips on how to create your own.

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