Get me an 80’s look stat!

For those of you who are off to Rewind festival on the 17th of August you may well be starting to decide what outrageous 80’s fancy dress to wear or putting the finishing touches to your splendid outfit.

Rewind Festival Henley on Thames 2011 Sarah Louise Bennett

Photo by Sarah Louise Bennett

In honour of the pastime that is dressing to impress at these events I thought I would put together a round-up of some of the best bloggers and vbloggers to help you get into the groove as well as some of my own fancy dress tips to make Rewind simply the best


Festivals are the one time where you will not be primping and priming your hair before you set off for the stage. Most that are held in the UK turn out to be mud fests and even if dry you’re pretty much destined to feel grubby most of the weekend (fields that turn into dust-bowls).Tina Turner Style Wig from Joke

So a crazy wig sounds like the perfect plan to achieving great hair without the fuss. You can always go the full 80’s route and apply a can of hairspray, mousse and wax to create a mountain of hair atop your head but can you sustain it for two days and sleep on it without being able to wash it out?  Thought not. Grab yourself a coloured wig, one with a stinking great perm or mullet and have a great time knowing that when it comes to sleepy time you can uncover your untouched hair and get a few hours kip.

If you prefer not to have to carry a wig about then try a pineapple. Tip your head completely upside down, gather your hair into a ponytail near the middle of the top of your head and secure with a hair band. Finish with a scrunchie (make your own if you cannot find one) for a full on 80’s look. A side ponytail also works really well.


Thankfully the 80’s were all about pixie boots and high top trainers as much as they were about stiletto heels so no worrying about having to spend the weekend wearing dizzyingly high shoes and ending up being caked in dirt.

Styladelica is planning on wearing her ankle boots from Office with her 80’s styled ensemble.

Topshop also have some lovely ankle boots in a variety of colours and the best thing is you can continue to wear them all through autumn and winter.

I’ve got a crush on some of the hi-tops that are available on the high street at the moment. Most are a good price, around the £35 mark.

Or you can be ultra sure your feet will stay dry with these studded biker style Hunter Wellies.

To make sure you keep warm in the chillier evenings carry some leg warmers in your bag and they’ll just add to your overall look.


Anything goes at a festival. Grab your tutu and rara skirts, add a baggy tee with a contrasting neon colour vest underneath and accessorize the hell out of it. Think oversized jewels, lots of bangles and different earrings in each ear.

I love this DIY 80’s look that The Luxe Life Society has created in her post Totally Rad for the ’80’s: Neon + Ombre DIY Overall Dress 

80's neon look by The Luxe Life Society

Make up

Don’t forget to take your wet wipes to the festival as you will need them if you want to recreate a full 80’s face. Think bold colours, thick black eyelashes, Brooke Shields brows, chiselled stripes of blusher and also face painting, not in the day at the zoo way more using colour to accentuate your features like Cyndi Lauper. Complete the look with bubble gum pink lipstick or bright red.

This is a great Madonna make-up tutorial video by Masquerade Makeup.

My number tip is the easiest to achieve, simply have fun with the look and don’t worry if it’s over the top or not bold enough. For my last 80’s fancy dress outing I had a Cher look all worked out until my bf noted that I looked like I might be on my way to the Opera and not a crazy karaoke party so very last-minute I pulled together this look:

My 80's Look

Most of what you see me wearing here are just normal items from my wardrobe, by combining them together with the messed up side hairdo (created with lots of spray wax) and make-up I think I managed to pull off something that my younger 1980’s self would have worn.

If you are off to Rewind or any other 80’s themed event I’d love to see what outfit you created.

What do you think?

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