Outfit for Halloween 2012

It’s September and my thoughts turn to Halloween and the impending Winter (which is coming don’t you know…)

Ray Villafane Rotting Zombie Pumpkin

This year instead of Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic, which I will do one year either for Halloween or a Twin Peaks themed party, I have decided to go for the ready-made route of fancy dress. I was contacted by Jokers Masquerade who offered me to pick from a choice of Halloween costumes. It took me some time to make my decision as they have a lot of options and as you already know I’m not one to go for a slutty Halloween look so sexy witches and nurses were out.

It all came down to one simple wish I have harboured for years…to dress up in a baroque outfit. When I visited Space in Ibiza the dancers were all on stilts wearing elaborate Baroque costumes like Marie Antoinette’s court were out to party that night. They all looked stunning. So that is what I opted for. The sexy Baroque Halloween costume

This is what the costume looked like when it arrived:

Front of the dress

It was a little creased (still is, I really need to iron it) and did not contain the choker or brooch that is pictured. I had presumed that the brooch was part of the dress as it adds that little bit of detail to make it more. I tried it on and was a little shocked at how short it is. I’m 5′ 9″ and the skirt of the dress would not cover my…err…behind.

Luckily I have my black tutu (an essential in a fancy dress wardrobe) and it provided some much-needed cover as well as filling out the skirt a little, giving it more volume.

So today I thought I was try out my make up idea for Halloween and see what the whole outfit including Marie Antoinette Wig looked like on.

I started my covering my hair. I use a pair of old (washed) tights that I knot to create a hat of sorts and chop the legs off. It works well to keep your hair in place when wearing a wig and also is great when putting on make up. When hiding your hair I find it better to carefully wrap my hair around my head evenly and fasten in place with grips then add the onion hat (it’s what my mum calls it as it looks a little like…well you know).

The curls were a little worse for wear so I re-curled them and set them using hair clips.

Wig on sans make up

The wig is a little on the small side for me as I have long hair so a little tugging and pulling was needed to hide all my hair. Next, make up. After preparing my face by applying some rose-water and glycerine I mixed some white fancy dress make up with my normal foundation and a little extra moisturiser to whiten my face and applied carefully. I find that the white make up is so difficult to use as it streaks and leaves patches as soon as you touch it. The rose-water gives me the perfect base for heavy make up, I normally apply two coats, it also keeps my skin soft.

Mixing the make up for my face

Then I powdered my entire face including my eyebrows for a more authentic look, added lots of pink blusher to the apples of my cheeks and used red lipstick to create rose bud lips. The finishing touch was a beauty spot using waterproof eyeliner. I kept the eyes unmade up as was the fashion in the 1700’s.

Finished make up

I then added pale white tights and my red court shoes to finish the outfit off.

Marie Antoinette Finished Look

My Halloween Costume 2012

For Halloween I will be adding some fake blood to create a cut throat look and will probably wear my bloodied tights that I created last year.

Have you thought about your Halloween costume yet?

2 thoughts on “Outfit for Halloween 2012

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    The lenses are simple non-prescription coloured contacts and opaque, for a bit of fun and to get the word out there how they go with different outfits.

    Let me know if this is something you would be interested in, your preference (if any), address details and I will get the selection sent out to you: http://www.visiondirect.co.uk/phantasee-crazy-and-halloween-lenses

    Best regards,
    Kristina @ Visiondirect.co.uk

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