80’s Fancy Dress…Here I Go Again

So yet again I find myself in a fancy dress dilemma. This weekend is a combination of fast food, singing and fancy dress. Anything from the 1980’s goes.Brooke Shields and 80's fashion

My first thought was to trawl the internet looking for a cheap and cheerful horror that I could see myself wearing with minimum cash spent on accessories. I started with Rokit knowing that they have a vast array of “vintage” items, unfortunately the pricing and lack of ability to really pin down what I was looking for using any kind of search filters put me off although I have found a few dresses that I genuinely considered buying (pastel colours mainly). I also came across several items I remember wearing first time round which gave me a fright.

I once owned a hot pink jumpsuit

I then remembered that a few years ago I wore an 80’s dress as a Halloween costume (dead Cher, complete with long black wig). It’s a black long strap-less evening dress covered in sparkles with a sweetheart neckline. I’m thinking the combination of this dress with large hair and bold hot pink accessories (some quality looking plastic earrings were acquired last weekend at Primark which btw has so many throwback items from the early 90’s I wanted to laugh the whole way round the shop) will be the best I can achieve without splashing out on a new-yet-old dress.

My other half however appears to have left his costume up to me… I suggested Andrew McCarthy’s look from Mannequin. He wasn’t very keen on the bow-tie “Might be seen as being trendy” “Would I have to wear it done up all night??”.

Andrew McCarthy in Mannequin

So we’ve settled on a Hawaiian shirt and possible espadrille look. I offered to go get a white suit ala Miami Vice but yet again he wasn’t keen. “Don’t waste money on something I’ll wear once” (it was £35). And he has said no to Hollwood style sunnies as any outfit would have to compete.

Hollywood Montrose style sunglasses

So all I have so far is a pair of Chino’s from a charity shop. I’m hoping that I can find something to complete his look locally after work one evening otherwise we’ll be subjected to a last-minute dash around the shops…

All this got me thinking about what characters from the 1980’s that I would like to recreate for another fancy dress party. I still would like to find a pink shirt dress and hat and go as Emmy from Mannequin. Or re-create the ballroom scene from Labyrinth.

What character from an 80’s movie would you like to dress up as?

4 thoughts on “80’s Fancy Dress…Here I Go Again

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  2. Haha! I’d love to see Adam as Hollywood! I think both of your ideas are good.

    I am also going down the 80s movie character route but I’m not telling… 😀

  3. Spoil sport 😉

    Knowing me I’ll have a total change of heart and go for something totally different…I always have my Madonna costume to fall back on if all else fails. x

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