Window snow framing

The light changed very quickly this afternoon. Within an hour the bright white snow got lit by the sunset then became night…






I’m still enchanted by the snow, although I would love to see more like in The Alps.

Post everything slump…

Christmas, New Years and a holiday have all rushed past leaving me in a strange mood as I attempt to finish my first full week back at work since the beginning of December.

My overwhelming spending desire seems diminished and I am struggling to put together outfits for work from my bulging wardrobe.

This morning as I walked to work I tried to think what was causing this. Was it post-Christmas/New Year/Holiday blues? Then it hit me. I missed the simplicity of living out of a suitcase. It sounds a little odd but think about it for a moment.Living out of a suitcase

I try to travel light and take only the essentials. I long ago realised that packing 3 or 4 party dresses when I’m off to stay with relatives or in very cold weather just isn’t needed.

When I travel I pack only what I will wear and Continue reading

You can’t take that away from me…

So I have a problem. Sentimentalizing everything. I’ll give you an example do you can try to understand what I am getting at.

The Sentimental Agent

At Christmas I receive a gift card from my dad. For Accessorize let’s say. I deliberate over what to buy with the gift card because once it had been spent the gift becomes whatever I have bought. So I bought a pair if shoes. Lovely shoes. Shoes that I can wear whatever the weather, bar snow, and ones that are both Continue reading

When sod’s law attacks…

I was at work when I saw the following tweet from @daisychaindream

Daisy Chain Dream's tweet about her cat

I laughed as that always happens to me. It’s sod’s law. It got me thinking about the top 5 occasions when it is most likely to hit me:

1. The cat gets all comfy (after minutes of moving about, pummeling my legs, nudging me for fusses…) and Continue reading

School reunions – good or bad idea?

I recently got invited to a school reunion being organised at the local rugby club. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it. It’s been about 15 years since I last saw most of my former classmates from senior school, a handful I am friends with on Facebook but we don’t meet up and hardly speak online. Most of this ‘re-friending’ probably occurred due to a smattering of curiosity and a hoping to rekindle a closeness lost over the years.

High School Reunion Cartoon Continue reading

Would you notice if something happened to your neighbours?

Good Neighbours

Ah if only all neighbours were this friendly

I wrote a post some time ago about my downstairs neighbour and his very loud ( and sometimes amusing) drunken singing. In the last few days it dawned on me that our regular Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings of chanting and shouting at the football have stopped.

At first I thought he was just away then realised that his lodger Continue reading