Post everything slump…

Christmas, New Years and a holiday have all rushed past leaving me in a strange mood as I attempt to finish my first full week back at work since the beginning of December.

My overwhelming spending desire seems diminished and I am struggling to put together outfits for work from my bulging wardrobe.

This morning as I walked to work I tried to think what was causing this. Was it post-Christmas/New Year/Holiday blues? Then it hit me. I missed the simplicity of living out of a suitcase. It sounds a little odd but think about it for a moment.Living out of a suitcase

I try to travel light and take only the essentials. I long ago realised that packing 3 or 4 party dresses when I’m off to stay with relatives or in very cold weather just isn’t needed.

When I travel I pack only what I will wear and bring items of clothes that can be mixed and matched. For my ski trip it was all about the layers, thermal tops that could be worn with fleeces and my ski jacket but also with a casual cardigan too. Leggings instead of jeans because they are good for travelling in.

By having an outfit figured out in advance for each day I found I had more time for relaxing, for spending time with my family, instead of running around each morning throwing clothes this way and that as I try to wear something different.

On a ski holiday looks don’t matter so much. I hardly wore any make-up, my hair was tied back or in pigtails (very ski bunny of me). The lack of choice and little pressure to wear impressive and different outfits each day renewed a want to properly sort out my wardrobe.

So coming back down to everyday life currently feels like such a big change. I have so many clothes yet also feel like I do not have anything to wear. Something will have to change. And that means war on my clothes.

My wardrobe

Once I’ve got my holiday washing out-of-the-way and my flat no longer looks like a dry cleaners I’m seriously going to try to de-clutter. It might take some time as I normally rush these things and give up halfway through.

But I think I’m ready to make my wardrobe “work harder” for me. Enough is enough.

Have you have any realisations now that the holidays are over?

What do you think?

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