You can’t take that away from me…

So I have a problem. Sentimentalizing everything. I’ll give you an example do you can try to understand what I am getting at.

The Sentimental Agent

At Christmas I receive a gift card from my dad. For Accessorize let’s say. I deliberate over what to buy with the gift card because once it had been spent the gift becomes whatever I have bought. So I bought a pair if shoes. Lovely shoes. Shoes that I can wear whatever the weather, bar snow, and ones that are both stylish and comfy.

However the downside to liking these shoes so much is that I wear them about three times a week and they are not leather so are beginning to become a little worn and tired looking. Soon I will need to throw them away and that’s when my problem kicks in.

I have attached a little sentimental tag to them. In my brain the shoes are a gift from my dad so throwing them away would be like throwing something special.

A little odd I know. The problem is I attach these sentimental tags to most things and have issues parting with things even if I don’t need them anymore or they are old. Take a pair of trousers that I bought when I was a student. I haven’t worn then for about fifteen years now. They are hideously small for me now but i have still hung onto them because they remind me of my crazy days at uni.

"You can't take my Lanvin dress!"

Sentimentality prevents me from giving them away even though if they did fit me I wouldn’t wear them, the fabric is very 90s. A pair of fitted trousers in a dark purple snake-skin with a small boot kick. Amazing at the time but sadly that look hasn’t made it back into fashion…

I am trying to stop myself from having a home filled with stuff, things I buy myself are not always filled with fond memories but I do struggle with items that have been given as gifts.

Am I alone in this silly problem?

What do you think?

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