Would you notice if something happened to your neighbours?

Good Neighbours

Ah if only all neighbours were this friendly

I wrote a post some time ago about my downstairs neighbour and his very loud ( and sometimes amusing) drunken singing. In the last few days it dawned on me that our regular Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings of chanting and shouting at the football have stopped.

At first I thought he was just away then realised that his lodger was also very quiet. What had happened? As I didn’t recall seeing any removal vans or seeing any new folks in the building my mind started thinking up wild ideas.

  1. They had been murdered by another neighbour for too much noise. This was quickly discounted as improbable as there was no BD smell (I watch too much CSI…).
  2. They had been kidnapped and a ransom note was waiting in their mailbox for someone to discover. Again highly improbable as their mailbox can be accessed by our old key and that’s where we put all the unwanted junk mail and flyers (we did tell them to change it).
  3. They’d totally gone off football and drinking and had resolved to be clean living folks who only watched the Discovery channel. To be honest, them being murdered was more likely.

In the end we realised that they had actually moved out and some new people had moved in. The sudden amount of drilling, hammering and other handy work going on was a rather large give-away considering how little the buy before cared about changing the lock on his mailbox.

Also the fragrance around the entrance to his flat had changed. Instead of a stale stench of cigarettes and pot there is a rather yummy smelling bubblegum air freshener scent wafting in the air.

What worried me the most about this situation was it took me and my bf about 4 weeks to notice the difference.

Had something ghastly actually happened no-one probably would have done anything for sometime. Which is a horrible reflection of how isolated our lives have become.

Hello Kitty Engine Oil

This is genuinely real btw. Hello Kitty Engine Oil...

We all hurry home to our safe little realms and might perhaps try not to scowl at our neighbours if we see them or pretend we didn’t see them at all.

I am going to try and be a bit more friendly in future, wait for them and hold the door open as they come down the street. Smile in the corridor. Say hello. Simple things that don’t cost a thing.

What do you think?

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