Shoo now asthma I need to get on with life

Last week I was mainly in bed or on the sofa...

So yesterday was my first day back at work since I had a bad flare up of asthma (boo asthma) that caused me to have, as my boyfriend puts it, rat lungs. So my apologies if I have not blogged much these last few weeks.

It’s crazy how much this seemingly common condition can impact on your life. I was unable to do the most mundane things – walking, taking, sometimes even sleeping all because of some inflammation in my lungs. Rest and inhalers. That’s all I could do.

Fundraising week at

This week is, aptly, asthma awareness week and are out fundraising. So if you see people raising money in your local train station please give a little. It might sounds like a trivial illness, no worse than a cold, but in reality it is a serious condition that has claimed more lives than it ever should have.

I’m lucky that all I needed was rest and extra meds. I’m hoping to get fully fit soon so I will be back to more blog writing, Pinterest, Polyvore and tweeting as usual…expect more shoes, foods and fashion folks.

Kat x

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