When sod’s law attacks…

I was at work when I saw the following tweet from @daisychaindream

Daisy Chain Dream's tweet about her cat

I laughed as that always happens to me. It’s sod’s law. It got me thinking about the top 5 occasions when it is most likely to hit me:

1. The cat gets all comfy (after minutes of moving about, pummeling my legs, nudging me for fusses…) and falls asleep just as my body decides that yes actually I do need the loo forcing me to make the decision to annoy said cat and move her onto the sofa in the hope she’ll come back to my lap when I sit down again or sit hoping the urge will go away.

Lol cat on lap

2. It’s also the same for giggles. Why does this always happen when the cat is happily asleep. Something amuses me and I giggle causing a funny looking jiggle in the cat which in turn leads to more giggling from me until the cat is almost shaking on my lap making her leave.

3. Why do our bodies react to situations like this. As soon as I don rubber gloves for washing up I will get an uncontrollable itch, normally my nose or, even more annoyingly, my back (one of those ones that keeps moving around) leaving me shouting for my bf to help me or me flinging the gloves off (generally into the sink then making me wait for them to dry out).

Scratching an itch

4. I start the journey home from work and whilst standing in the packed train, surrounded by people, I then suddenly need the loo (it’s normally always the loo with sod’s law…why?) even though two minutes before in the office I was perfectly fine. Plus the toilet on board is out-of-order or has suspicious looking water spilling out from under the door (yuk).

5. Whenever I have just finished applying my mascara I sneeze thus ending up looking like I painted little stripes under my eyes (I keep tissue nearby to hold under my lashes just in case now).

Mascara after a sneeze

What is always bound to happen to you? Comment below and let me know 🙂

What do you think?

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