Selling off those fashion mistakes

Now I’m not saying that I have bought clothes or shoes that are simply dire, more that they just don’t suit me at all. Or in the case of one pair of shoes, I love them but I just can’t wear them any more as a break in one of my toes a few years ago makes them pretty painful. So I am destined to try my hand at selling them on.Felicity Cross Sells Her Unwanted Clothes on ebay and has an unusually large left hand

I’ve given away several items to charity shops but can’t bear the idea of throwing my money away on these pieces.

ebay beckons, waving it’s simple system and hints that money can be made in an easy way. Except that I am a bit slack in the keeping up with the transactions on my days off instead preferring to laze around and watch whatever films are on BBC Two like Tophat…

I know that I could potentially have a good hundred pounds just sat dormant in my wardrobe so I really should just get on with it. Maybe after watching Fred and Ginger for just a bit longer.

One thought on “Selling off those fashion mistakes

  1. I’m always amazed at how much people will pay you on eBay for shit you don’t need/want anymore. I find listing items a chore though – saying that the selling app on the iPhone is pretty easy to use, maybe they have a similar app on android? You take pics and list directly from your phone.

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