Last night I made sushi for the first time. It was organised as a birthday present for my boyfriend at Whole Foods and I was in quite a rush to get there on time for 6pm (damn you District line!)

We all sat down and promptly put on our sushi hats (looking suspiciously like a cross between a sailor hat and a Christmas party hat). The table had been covered in cling film, our rolling mat was covered in cling film, the rice was covered in cling film…you get the picture.

We were shown how to made Iso rolls (sushi rolls with the rice on the outside), nori (seaweed on the outside) and hand rolls which are actually really tricky to get right without tearing the nori sheet.

My Vegetable Nori Sushi

Slightly Oversized Iso Rolls

My first hand roll had it’s tempura prawn kinda hanging out but was an impressive cone shape (I didn’t get a photo as I ate it before I thought about writing this…oops).

Chicken Hand Roll

For £15 this was a really good value gift idea. At the end the sushi masters cut our sushi and placed into boxes for us to take away and we were given a bag of goodies.

The bag contained a box of green tea, our rolling mat, a booklet on how to make sushi, huge amounts of wasabi and soy sachets, chopsticks and of course our little hats.

Some of the Sushi I Made Last Night

I’d really recommend this as a present idea for a friend or relative who likes sushi. It lasted an hour and although we didn’t get to learn how to cut fresh fish into sushi or sashimi (lessons for that cost much more than £15) it’s a perfect introduction.

We left with so much sushi that I’ve had to bring some into work and I think we’ll possibly be eating the rest for dinner tonight.

What do you think?

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