“Empty vessels make most noise”

I am probably not alone in this but I have a real problem with noisy people. Not in regards to chatting or speaking loudly but those little sounds that people make when they eat or drink. The ones that form out of habit. Constantly clearing their throat or coughing. Smacking their lips as they eat with their mouths open. Slurping tea or coffee.Got a cough? Then go get some cough drops

Once in a while this is fine but when one person has all of these irritating habits you start to wonder how their other half puts up with it. Am I unreasonable? Should I let it go and be glad they don’t have some other nasty habit like personally polluting the air? I can’t. I have tried several times to ignore it and even address it with them. Offering cough sweets and glasses of water. Still it continues. A catalogue of small repeatable patterns of behaviour that slowly begins to unravel my mind. I can’t concentrate, knowing that another is on it’s way.

And all I want to do is smack them in the face. Make them stop. But I can’t. So on it goes, drilling out my sanity.

What do you think?

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