Beauty treatments this weekend

I’ve had enough of the winter now. The cold blasts of air through my clothes, the way the damp weather makes my hair frizzy and dry all at the same time, and the dry skin crying out because of all the drying central heating and layers upon layers of clothes I have to wear to stay warm.

Cold, rainy, windy weather

And it’s not just the weather causing my skin to rebel and attempt to turn into tree bark, the fact my bathroom has no heating and turns into a place I want to spend as little time as possible makes me less inclined to strip off in there for any kind of beauty treatment.Heck, even shaving has to be done in the shower and because my hot water tank is the size of a thimble I have to turn off the shower if I want to shave my legs or wash my hair.

But this weekend isn’t too bad. Yes it’s raining outside but at least the ice has gone and in a push to get myself feeling more spring like I pampered myself.

I bought some goodies from L’Occitane a while back and was given some free samples of their skincare range Immortelle, Precious Cream for the daytime, Precious Night Cream and Precious Serum for use under the eyes at night. I started using them a couple of days ago to see if they made any difference to my face.

L'Occitane Very Precious Face Creams

All three felt lovely to apply and left my face feeling soft and not greasy. The serum actually felt quite refreshing to have on and did appear to plump out my eye area slightly although I’m not sure  most people would notice. I notice that L’Occitane have discontinued the serum in the UK now so even if I did want to buy it I now cannot.

I’m not too sold on the whole having to use separate day and night creams as well as eye serums regime that most beauty magazines rave on about. After all, the skin on my face is the same as under my eyes and I’ve yet to read any scientific proof that you need to use a separate cream for different parts of the face. I’m more of a soap and water gal myself but am now inclined that perhaps I might think more about getting an eye cream. Perhaps. One that plumps up as I don’t really want that in a face cream.

My legs have really taken a battering over the winter. I have failed to use moisturiser as they are just getting covered up in tights, leggings and thick ski socks but no more! I took to the shower with my Dead Sea salt scrub and I’m so glad I did. Now my legs and arms feel smoother and soft.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Brushing Scrub

I used it before showering and made sure I cleaned away the excess in the bath before I showered as I didn’t want to slip and fall over. The Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Exfoliating Scrub contains coconut oil to leave your skin already moisturised so it’s an exfoliator and body oil in one which saves time for lazy bones like me.

Lastly I turned to my hair. I have been wanting to get some kind of hair oil for a while now as I normally end up buying some sort of serum that leaves my hair lank and since I was recommended to use Redken Soft hair products I treated myself to their hair oil, the Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil. My hair has suffered with the wind making it tangle and knot and leaving me reaching for my tangle teaser several times a day plus as I mentioned before the drying effects of the office central heating.

Redken All Soft Argan 6 Oil

I applied the oil to the last few inches of my hair, about 4 drops and smoothed it in. I washed my hair several hours later and before I did I noticed that my hair no longer felt very oily, it felt soft and smooth. Had I not washed it out I don’t think it would have mattered.

Now my hair is drying naturally as I normally do at the weekends. I like to give it a break from the hairdryer  several times a week. So far the ends feel much better than they have all week. I’ll see how I go over the next month and update if I feel the oil is really helping. One thing is it smells lovely.

So that’s me this weekend, giving my whole self a proper treat. I’ll make sure I keep it up so the dryness and crazy hair don’t make a comeback.

How are you looking after yourselves during the wintry weather?

4 thoughts on “Beauty treatments this weekend

  1. The winter is really killing my legs. I am a runner so if it’s somewhat above 45 degrees, I usually run outside in shorts, but that winter air is drying me out so bad. I’ve been piling on the body lotion. I’ve just been using Nivea lotion. I’ve never been able to justify spending big bucks for lotion from Sephora or Body Shop or some place like that. It’s just lotion, and the Nivea works perfectly fine. 🙂 I do have some body butter from Soap & Glory that I got in a sample size at the checkout at Sephora. It smells nice, but I can’t say it works that much better then the Nivea.

    • I’m the same. My everyday moisturiser is always Palmer Coco Butter. Face, body, makes no difference. But I do need to scrub once in a while.

      But, shorts! In this weather? Crazy 🙂

    • I only use Nivea moisturiser as well – cheap and good. But, I sometimes add different essential oils to it like Mandarine Oil (which helps tone) or Argan (for added moisture) to enhance the efficacy of my moisturisers. Give it a try.

  2. The dead salt scrub sounds great, I will have to try it! My skin is longing for spring too.. 😦 I was given a sample of the Garnier Body Intensive 7 days lotion with shea butter and I ended up buying bottle after bottle. It works magic with dry skin and yet you can buy it for a fiver in most supermarkets. 🙂

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