Hideous magnets from around the world

I’ve started a new collection inspired by a friend who loves to receive a magnet from friends who have been on holiday or away for work. Most of her magnets are pretty little things to adorn her fridge.

Dave Gorman's Fridge Magnet Collection

This is thought was too easy to ask for. Instead I made the choice to ask for the worst magnet they can possibly find on their travels. It must be tacky, vulgar or grim in a way that isn’t kitsch or kooky but makes the viewer wonder who the hell thought it up. How can a hideous magnet be good for tourist relations?

So far my collection is sparse with only three gracing my fridge. The first one is a thing of beauty, a Styrofoam dish containing bratwurst, chips and covered in curry sauce. Surely the perfect way to remember Berlin.

Currywurst - immortalised in a magnet

Our next one is more tasteful and appears to have been made from a series of glittery matchsticks to signify a cathedral in Milan. Unfortunately I have no photo of it at the moment but will add when I remember…

Recently the same friend came back from skiing and has gifted us with what can only be described as a magnet of utter terror.

Chamonix magnet - watch yourself

I can understand cute animals on a magnet but come on, seriously? Did someone take a look during QA and think “Yeah, that’s perfect. The kids will love this warm and friendly magnet. I can’t see how it could cause nightmares”.

As soon as I saw it this came to mind:

General Woundwort Watership Down

When I get more delights from my lovely globe-trotting buddies I will share them with you.

Have you seen a magnet worse than this one? Share it please, I’d love to see it!

What do you think?

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