Challenge: Cooking only from the store cupboard

So there I was, sitting at my desk when an email from Money Saving Expert popped into my inbox. I like to a have a nose mainly due to work (to see if anything exciting has happened in the world of finance) but also for bargains, discounts and freebies.

Today I spied a great idea that I am going to give a go this week.

The Store Cupboard Challenge.

Wish I had a larder like this

Larder from Simon’s Kitchens

This has been an ongoing challenge to MSE’s since 2005 when it was first suggested. Why have I not seen it before?

Challenge – Here is the challenge I have set for myself and for those of you who would also like to participate: at least once a week, post a recipe utilizing ingredients you find in your kitchen and/or cupboard (that includes your freezer). Nothing that you purchased at the supermarket intending to use in a couple of days or in a specific recipe, but something that’s just… sitting there waiting.

Make your dish, then tell us about it! If it’s a good one and you feel it’s worth of posting and sharing with others, please do so!

Brilliant! How many nights have I sat and pondered what to have for dinner and spent ages opening cupboards, staring into the fridge and freezer just wanting to be inspired by what I see before finally admitting defeat, turning to a takeaway instead.

I’m sure I can rustle something pretty tasty from the vast amounts of condiments I store in my fridge (a whole shelf and a half of condiments…impressive, no?) I have flour, rice, seasonings a plenty, veg, frozen veg and lots, lots more.

Challenge Accepted

So one evening this week I will embark on a cooking challenge that I hope to return to at least one day a week. Not only will it be good to stop being lazy in the kitchen but it should also help save the pennies and this year is all about the savings.

Fancy having a go? Let me know what you have cooked. You never know, you might create a new taste sensation…

What do you think?

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