Smaller heeled shoes? Yes please!

When I saw Elle magazine tweet this earlier today I could not wait to get home and read the article.

Elle Tweet


What I wouldn’t give for a return to more manageable heel heights. However much I love the look of a skyscraper shoe I just can’t face putting my feet through the pain any more. No amount of insoles, gel cushions or invisible socks stop my toes going numb and my sole feeling like it has been studded with broken glass.

Elle features a range of rather pricey shoes including some slightly dodgy looking boots that I’m sure have just been dragged out of the 60’s but also these very lovely pumps from Mui Mui.

Miu Miu Bow Detail Pumps


They also feature these lovely high street shoes from Zara. Just £59.99.

Zara Embellished Pumps



It all reminds me a little of the shoes that were around in the 90’s that harked back to the styles of the 60’s. I like it.

What do you think about the new lower heels? Are you a fan in the making?

4 thoughts on “Smaller heeled shoes? Yes please!

  1. Perhaps I’m getting to that point that wearing high heeled shoes on a daily basis has taken their toll. I prefer flats now and do have a pair with the lowest heel pictured about. I like it. I know though there will come a point where high heels and me will just rust in the closet, cracking! 🙂

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