Snow boots!

Now that Christmas is past and we have yet to see any really wintry weather my thoughts turn to purchasing a pair of sensible but stylish boots for wearing on the way to work (or play) when it is icy or when the heavens have opened and turned our somewhat grey London streets into a proper winter wonderland, with snow adorning every car and everything seems brighter and cleaner.

Last year I survived in my walking shoes (not too bad on the snow, pretty slippery on ice though), my Converse (OK on a small amount of snow but wet through within 30 minutes of walking) and my brown wedge boots which are pretty good on most surfaces but are not the warmest of footwear. Unfortunately I appear to be missing a black pair of all terrain snow boots which will keep me upright and warm at the same time. So the hunt begins. I’ve been snooping around and have found some contenders.

Cat Womens Caribou Fur Boots

Caribou Fur Boots from Caterpillar – around £65

Merrell Natalya Snow Boots

Merrell Natalya Snow Boots – £150

Rockport Womens Finna Fur Boots

Rockport Finna Fur Boots – around £100

Timberland Mount Holly Boots

Timberland Mount Holly Boots – around £125

Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots

Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots – around £125

There are so many other styles out there from space age looking moon boots to UGG’s and some quite impractical fabric covered boots (wet feet? I think not). What style do you prefer?

Update 6th February 2012:

I finally lumped for a completely different pair of boots. These nifty looking Merrell’s.

My new Merrell Women's Prevoz snow boots

I ventured out into the snow with them this Monday and apart from one little slip on sheet ice they kept my tootsies lovely and warm and supported my feet through the snow and slush. They also look pretty good with jeans and tights which is a bonus as I can continue to wear them through the winter come snow or not. Plus I got them a little cheaper than their site (from £160 down to £125 – not a huge saving but better than nothing).

How have you all coped in the wintry weather? I saw a lot of crazy folks running about in high heels this morning…

4 thoughts on “Snow boots!

  1. They’re pretty nice aren’t they. Think they may be the ones I go for as the price is reasonable too. Would love the Merrells but not at £150…Determined to be prepared this year!

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