Choosing decorations for my home

The End of Christmas

So today is traditional the last day to take down all the festive glitz from your home. Wave goodbye to the twinkly lights sat on the Christmas tree. Carefully place the fragile glass baubles your friend gave you that “came” from a major handbag company into a protective box (apart from one that can pass off as a “normal” decorative piece). Read through all the Christmas cards and throw away (hide from the other half in a wardrobe). Return your lounge to normality.

There will be an empty little space near the book shelf where the tree used to live but I’m lucky that I have some lights that still make my lounge feel cosy. A week or so ago I started to take a look through the sales (online only, I’m not crazy) and realised that I was missing some finishing touches when we entertain and have people over for dinner. Candlelight. I’m not keen on scented candles but the idea of natural candlelight appeals.

And then I saw these on The White Company site.

Tapered Candlesticks from The White Company

I love the antique silver look and slim design. For a long time I have been looking for a style of decoration that I can start putting together without worrying that it won’t go with the flat (we rent currently). So some small pieces really. I already have some large crystal vases so silver glass will match.  So now I have my heart set on them (to be truthful I couldn’t wait until someone got the hint so I bought them a moment ago) and have spied several other pieces to go with them. Like this beautiful hurricane lamp.

Antiqued Hurricane Lamp

I just wished that I had thought of this before Christmas. It would have made my list making task a whole lot easier.

Do you have a certain style of decoration that you love? Or are you still at that point where you have a mish-mash of things that don’t really go.

What do you think?

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