Hi top trainers: 1 pair is not enough

I finally got a pair of hi top wedge trainers just after Christmas, my heavy hints failed to turn into a Christmas present so I bought them myself for half price (before they sold out).

I have started with a subtle pair. All black with a slight wedge to give me a little extra height as well as making them good for casual days out, the office and, depending on the outfit, nights out.

Black hi-top wedge trainers from Dorothy Perkins


And at £25 I feel they are the perfect entry-level hi top. A kind of gateway trainer to a whole collection, nay family of ultra comfy hi tops.

Yes, I now have a massive weakness. I see images of new shiny, pastel coloured, fawn coloured, Liberty print covered trainers and feel an urge to add another pair to my wardrobe.

Why the ones I already own are lonely I think. It would be mean not to give them another pair to sit with. My ballet pumps have created a gang that owns the best shoe storage areas. My boots hang around in dark corners and my hi tops feel a little left out.

So I am looking. Take a look at these beauties…

Ash Bowie Colourblend Hi Top Trainers


Ash £118.00

Pierre Hardy Perforated Leather Hi Top Trainers

Pierre Hardy £355

Carvela Liberty Leather Wedge TrainersCarvela £140

Ash Bixi Multi Peach and Banana Hi Top Trainers

Ash £179

What do you think about hi tops? Love them or hate the sight of them?

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