Envy and other women

Walking through the train station this morning I am faced with walking behind a woman who is immaculately turned out from top to toe. Her boots are the ones I would love to own, they scream sophistication and elegance. Her black jeans fit perfectly and have no creases. Her long funnel neck black wool coat tops off the look giving her a slick polished look. Feminine but smart.

The Devil Wears Prada

If someone were to edit her into the scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Anne Hathaway walks across the road in her variety of newly made-over outfits this woman would not look out-of-place. Do it with me most mornings and I’m sure people would stare and think “who the heck is the bag lady?”

I see these women everyday and I for one wonder how they manage it. Do they pore over every fashion magazine, clipping out suitable outfits and buying exactly what they recommend or have they just been born with the ability to choose the right shoes, that just-so shade of jumper and does their hair naturally fall into beautiful waves? Or do they, which I suspect is closer to the truth, get out of bed at crazy o’clock just to preen their hair, perfect their make-up and sort out the best outfit to wear.

Karen Millen Miltary Coat

(btw – this coat is on my wish list)

Having a well organised and, what I consider, a real grown up wardrobe also must play a part. You all must know by now how much I am scared at spending money on decent, expensive clothes. Even when I do spend ages deliberating whether to buy an “investment” coat I chicken out and think that I can make do with what I have “how very thrifty of me” I think until have to dress myself for work and regret that I look like I am covered in a heap of rags. Even the days when I think I have made an effort I wind up doubting myself when I spy the catwalk- esque women on my train.

Perhaps one day I will learn to shake off my doubts and enjoy the fact that it still only takes me 40 minutes to get ready in the morning and whilst I snuggle in bed asleep some other woman is up and worrying about the stray hair that just won’t stay flat…

2 thoughts on “Envy and other women

  1. I love this article! It is so easy to compare yourself to other women and wonder how they manage to look so good. I think sometimes it is a symptom of being hard on yourself though, and actually you look just as good as them! They might be looking at you thinking I wish I could be like her and be more adventurous with my style choices!

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