Blouses and why I can never leave TK Maxx without at least one…

When I have an afternoon off for running errands I invariably end up having a little look in TK Maxx. And more times than not I walk out with at least one blouse. And this week was no different. Three blouses. Each was under £20.

Blue blouse from TKMaxx


Blouse with tiny bow pattern from TKMaxx

Blouse with owl pattern from TKMaxx


Close up of owl sleeve


Close up detail of owl collar


I don’t spend a long time looking through them and the ones I end up buying seem to call out to me from the railing (or so I like to think).

I love the owl pattern on the last blouse and it’s contrast cream coloured collar and cuffs. The middle blouse has lots of tiny bows and a tie in front and the first, blue blouse I think will be good for days worn with leggings and evenings out worn with smarter trousers.

Do you have a weak spot for certain items in certain shops?

8 thoughts on “Blouses and why I can never leave TK Maxx without at least one…

  1. All the three are so pretty, but I absolutely love the one with the owls!
    And about weak spots… I love head accessories. If I spend too much time in certain shops (especially thrift/vintage/handmade ones) I can’t help but buying fascinators, pill box hats etc… once even a life-sized couple of blue birds mounted on a hairband (which I almost wore at a wedding haha)!

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