The bane of knicker shorts

Knicker shorts. In much the same way that I feel about navy blue knickers and sports at school I cannot understand how this catwalk fashion has actually made it to high street fashion stores.

Navy Blue Knickers

Being made to wear navy blue knickers and a white polo shirt for playing sports at school was the main reason I hated exercise when I was younger. They made us feel self-conscious as if we had walked out of the changing room wearing our actual knickers. Thankfully after a lot of complaining to our PE teachers we were at last allowed to wear sports shorts like the boys.

Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing shorts, my favourites are high-waisted with a slightly longer leg, enough to cover my ample behind so that I can walk without any cheek exposure. But I am finding that this style is hard to get hold of here. The last pair I saw that I wanted to buy were from America and the store doesn’t ship to the UK.

Back to knicker shorts. Sure, if you want to look like a burlesque dancer or perhaps go clubbing in them (whilst wearing a suitably long jacket to balance the look out when out of the club) then fine but I have yet to see any women wearing them on the street.

Possibly only flattering to a tiny minority of women, the knicker short looks like an idea thought up by someone who really had no idea what women wear to feel confident with themselves.

I can only possibly see myself wearing a pair if I had on opaque tights to create a kind of faux legging look but even then I think they look like old lady pants. Plus when you walk around in them won’t you run the risk of them well…vanishing…up…there.

Glamorous Knicker Shorts

Glamorous Knicker Shorts from Asos

There is one place I can see them working. On a beach holiday. This set from Asos looks like a retro bikini but wearing it in the UK? Not convinced.Knicker Shorts or Bikini

ASOS Africa Knicker Short In Rhino Print

This knicker short playsuit is lovely (I thought about buying it just to wear the top section) but I am not brave enough to venture outside.

Knicker Short Playsuit

ASOS Sequin Knicker Peplum Playsuit

And perhaps there lies part of my problem, not only am I scarred by school navy blue knickers but also I lack that kind of confidence to stride outside knowing that I am wearing something no more covering than a bikini.

Would you wear them?

What do you think?

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