Atten-shun! The best military coats

Currently sat at the very top of my wish list is the glamorous  Karen Millen military coat. Complete with epaulettes, leather detailing and feminine tailoring, the coat is what I have been dreaming about for the last few years. I have several sale alerts set up in case it falls in price *crosses fingers*.

Karen Millen Miltary Coat

The one thing I look for in a good military style coat is the details. So many coats look fairly good from the front but when wearing the cut of the coat and lack of details at the back sometimes turn a good-looking coat into an unflattering sack of cloth.

If like me you want a coat to turn heads and flatter your figure then make sure you check out ones that have a fitted waist with a belt, sharp, tailored shoulders to define your silhouette plus have plenty of smaller details like epaulettes, seams to the back of the coat (to stop your behind looking like it has just been draped in a blanket) and most importantly, fits you well with a colour that suits both you and the majority of your wardrobe. That hot pink coat might look cool when you buy it now but will it work in lots of different situations. If it’s a fairly expensive coat then I’d say stick to colours that you know will work year after year.

Here are my top picks.

This coat from Topshop has a really old East European feel about it.

Topshop Military Coat

Topshop – £89.00 

This Wallis coat is not wool but for £65 is a great buy. It also comes in black, grey and navy.

Wallis Military Coat

Wallis – £65.00

Superdry’s Officer’s coat is a long 1930’s inspired wool coat with flattering panelling at the back.

Superdry Officers Coat

Superdry – £149.00

If you want the look but don’t have the cash to splash then this military inspired coat from Matalan might suit.

Matalan Military Coat

Matalan – £40

Inspired by 19th century military uniforms, this ASOS coat in red is striking.

ASOS Military Coat

ASOS – £75.00 (was £100.00)

This last coat, also from ASOS breaks my rules a little but is great if you want the feel of a military coat but don’t want to go overboard.

ASOS Military Inspired COat

ASOS – £110

What do you think?

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