Last Friday of 2012 – Out with Friends

Dressing up to go out for dinner


As part of my new resolution (nothing to do with the upcoming New Year) to wear more of the clothes I own and sod what some people may think (take note bf) I am finally giving my leopard print dress an outing. I bought it in the sales months ago and never found an occasion that I thought would fit it.

Today I thought “sod waiting for the perfect evening out. Just bloody wear it!”. So I am tonight and have accessorised with my obi belt and lots of blue jewellery. As Catlin Moran says “leopard print is a neutral” so why not make the most of it with dashes of bright colour.

I’m off out now to see some friends for dinner and drinks. I may be overdressed but honestly, for once I don’t care.

Long may this positive mind-set continue.

What do you think?

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