Searching for a new handbag for work

Currently I have a light yellow, leather across body handbag that I bought a few years ago now. I get to work via buses and trains so it has seen its fair amount of dirt and being yellow it is no longer a pretty bag but has instead become something I am ashamed to be seen with. I have tried all kinds of cleaning products but due to the design it’s hopeless. Let me show you how bad it has become (and bear in mind that I actually cleaned it about a month ago):

My battered leather handbag

It is supposed to be much lighter in colour (like the part of the strap nearest the bag) without the dark looking areas. So now I am trawling sites on the hunt for a replacement. One that is slightly bigger (so I don’t have to play handbag jigsaw everyday to close it) and is a colour that will not show up the train dirt quite so much. Unfortunately one that I really like at the moment is yellow. Yup. I just can’t help myself. I try my hardest to choose a brown handbag (thinking that it is also much more grown-up of me) but oh-no. I must have colour and yellow and handbags just appeal to me.

River Island Yellow Hinged Leather Satchel

What is worse is that this handbag is not only leather, but is a satchel style (which I must have) and is on sale!! Granted, the design on this bag looks much easier to clean (no pesky gaps and edges everywhere) and it’s pretty. But still. It. Is. Yellow. I showed my other half:

“Do NOT buy it. IT’S YELLOW!”

“But it’s preeeety”

He walked off shaking his head, “But you hate your bag now because it’s yellow and dirty.”

“But it’s pretty.”

This is not going well. I hope that you all click-through, see the bag and make sure it sells out before I can buy it.

I have seen some others but so far I think they look either too dull and academic:

TK Maxx Tan Leather Satchel Style Cross Body

Or far too small:

Mango Messenger Bag with Coloured Edges

Some of the best looking handbags on sale at the moment are just not suitable for commuting as they are too light in colour and would look terrible with a few weeks. So the hunt goes on.

Do you have the same handbag for work dilemma? 

3 thoughts on “Searching for a new handbag for work

    • They are cute but I just can’t face all the cleaning again 😉 I once made the worst choice of buying a cream bag for work when I used to travel on the tube…it was lovely for about one week.

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